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Where Can I Donate My Car?

Ever wonder, “Where can I donate my car?” At Allstate Car Donation we offer the perfect solution. When you donate a vehicle to our reputable 501c3 charity you can be assured that the donation process will be simple and hassle-free. And, your donation will go directly to charities and programs dedicated to providing Americans with the necessary tools and resources to get back to work. Through our free and fast vehicle donation program you are getting rid of something you no longer need and using it to make a huge difference in the lives of needy individuals.

Many car donors think, “why not donate my car to help those in need?” If you are one of those individuals who want to really make a difference then we need you!

You can start the process simply by filling out our car donation form online and we will take care of the test. You can also donate a car via fax, call or email to get the process started. At Allstate Car Donation we make it easier than ever. We also pick up vehicles anywhere in the United States, with the exception of Mississippi and Illinois. From start to finish our team will work with you to make the entire process quick and efficient so you won’t need to worry about any added stress.

Read our testimonials where you will see the many great experiences that our donors have had donating their car to our charity. Read our success stories from our client’s where you can see what an impact your vehicle donation will make in the lives of deserving individuals. Donate your car today and help us rebuild lives by putting Americans back to work!


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