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Idaho couldn't be more ideal as steak and potatoes country, famous for its spacious ranch land and starchy russets. Food, shelter and clothing are basic needs, but the means for getting them doesn't grow on trees, especially if you've been out of the loop job-wise. This is where Allstate Car Donations and the Center for Living and Learning come in. Allstate Car Donations works with people like you to turn your Idaho car donation into opportunities for others to help themselves, and these opportunities take the shape of programs like the Center for Living and Learning's successful 18-month paid vocational apprenticeship program.

Donate a car in Idaho and know that the proceeds won't be going to just any organization. The Center offers its apprentices every opportunity to succeed. No opportunity is wasted when you make a car donation in Idaho through Allstate Car Donations because the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representative on the other end of the line is one of our fully-trained apprentices!

What are you waiting for? Vehicle donation in Idaho couldn't be easier with this kind of quality assistance. We dig deep to streamline things. We'll find out whether you need to have a vehicle title in hand (if so, the Idaho Transportation Department is the place to go) or if vehicle registration is adequate. We'll also find out whether or not you're eligible for free pick-up/towing in your area. To get started, give us a ring toll-free at 1-855-227-7456 or fill out our online donation form.


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