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You've hopped into your trusty jalopy time and time again to go to the Amana Colonies, to head out to the State Fair or to tour the many covered bridges of Madison County. These days though your ride is starting to feel its age and cruising along Route 80 isn't like it used to be. It's not a hunk of junk in your eyes nor is it in ours. Say goodbye and do right by an old friend with vehicle donation in Iowa through Allstate Car Donations.

Allstate Car Donations has done the homework behind streamlining the entire Iowa car donation process to make sure that it's a win-win situation for everyone involved. All proceeds go to the Center for Living and Learning's apprenticeship program which provides training and application of the skills learned. No opportunity is wasted to provide real world experience to program participants; in fact, when you contact us to initiate your car donation in Iowa with us, one of our apprentices is waiting to assist you! It doesn't matter if your car runs or not, free pick-up/towing may be available in your area - just ask! And to maximize your tax deduction, registration might be enough but title in hand is probably best.

Duplicate vehicle titles can be obtained through the Iowa Office of Vehicle Services. What are you waiting for? Your car isn't going to donate itself! Call 1-855-227-7456 toll-free or fill out our car donation form online today to donate your car in Iowa.


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