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Stop pouring money into repairs when your tried and true vehicle is on its last legs, donate it instead! Car donation in Tennessee is straightforward and convenient when you decide to do it through Allstate Car Donations. We concentrate our efforts to make your generous vehicle donation in Tennessee do double duty. You get a tax deduction you're happy with and proceed dollars go to benefit the Center for Living and Learning. Since 2001, The Center has offered its unique 18-month paid apprenticeship to individuals who are at-risk, re-entering society, in recovery, and/or transitioning from welfare to work. As we all know, employment isn't easy to come by when skills and experience are missing. This is why apprentices are given every opportunity to go the distance in personal as well as professional development. Chances to work within the organization abound, so when you contact us to donate your car in Tennessee, you'll most likely interface with one of our fully-trained, friendly and knowledgeable apprentices! What are you waiting for? Call 1-855-227-7456 toll-free or fill out our online vehicle donation form to get started! (Free towing or pick-up may be available in your area for your Tennessee car donation, and in most cases to maximize auction value, having the title in hand before you donate is best. Follow the instructions here to complete the Request for Duplicate Title form from the Tennessee Department of Revenue and don't forget to include your $5.50 fee.)

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