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Sometimes there's a fine line between clunker and vintage when it comes to cars, but that line never really matters when you remember helping your grandfather wash and wax his car. You went on to lovingly wash and wax that car when it became yours, and you did it in muggy and hot Florida summers and cool and comfortable Florida winters. Unfortunately time takes its toll, despite the care you put in. Consider making a vehicle donation in Florida through Allstate Car Donations in the same spirit.

Allstate Car Donations is the charity arm of the Center for Living and Learning. We believe in the work of this nonprofit organization, so we want to maximize the amount your Florida car donation brings at auction. Since 2001, the Center for Living and Learning has been crucial in bringing down barriers to employment for youth-at-risk, individuals in recovery, and those transitioning from welfare to work with workshops to build employable skills and a successful apprenticeship program. The proceeds from your generous, tax-deductible car donation in Florida go to maintain this work.

Allstate Car Donations does everything possible to streamline the entire donation process for you when you decide to donate a car in Florida through us. It doesn't matter what condition your car is in, it doesn't matter if it's running or not - just give us a call toll-free at 1-855-227-7456 or fill out our online Florida car donation form. Free pick-up and towing may be available in your area - contact us today to find out!

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